Woodland Generation Station Unit 3

CLIENT: Modesto Irrigation District

IEC Corporation provided completed Project and Construction Management Contract Support of the Modesto Irrigation District’s Woodland Generation Station Unit 3 (WGS3) Project. The facility is powered by six Wartsila reciprocating engines operated in simple cycle mode, with no steam generation, using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and oxidation catalyst to reduce air emissions. The net power output for the Woodland 3 Project is 49.6 MW. The WGS 3 Project was constructed adjacent to the District's Woodland Generation Stations 1 and 2 (IEC also served as Construction Manager for the Woodland 2 project).

IEC’s management team coordinated and managed the activities of all of the onsite construction contractors and directed all safety, scheduling, quality control, and regulatory items during the build out of the new facility. The new Woodland 3 plant shares some of the plant infrastructure at the existing Woodland Generation Stations, including water, natural gas delivery and the 69kV switchyard, among others. As a result, IEC carefully coordinated all plant tie-in (interface) construction activities in order to minimize the amount of down time at the existing Woodland Generation Station. IEC also managed the re-alignment of the access road to the west of the existing Woodland Generation Stations, construction of a signalized intersection at Graphics Drive and Woodland Avenue and a new entrance to the District’s Service Center north of Woodland Avenue.

IEC’s construction manager and field engineers performed all management, administration, monitoring, inspections, controls, quality assurance, and oversight for the Project. IEC also acted as the liaison for MID and for MID’s design engineer for the Project. The successful project was completed on-time and within budget and is now online and providing power.