Woodland Generation Station Unit 2

CLIENT: Modesto Irrigation District

The Modesto Irrigation District (MID) retained IEC to provide owner’s engineering, project management, and construction management services for the development and construction of a new 80 MW gas turbine generating facility owned and operated by MID. The plant consists of a 47 MW GE LM6000 Sprint combustion turbine generator in combined cycle with a single 37 MW steam turbine generator. A state of-the-art, customized duct-fired heat recovery steam generator allows the plant to use the steam turbine for load following and produce 80 MW net power at full-load condition. The plant also includes the Mark VI Control System, 2000-Ton Chiller, SCR and CO Emissions Systems and Cooling Tower.

Due to IEC’s responsiveness and quality of work, the original contract expanded to perform design reviews, provide construction management, prepare a complete engineering and construction schedule, develop a detailed budget schedule, provide full-service construction management and oversee additional management services for the Owner. IEC provided on-site support throughout the construction phase to monitor site work and contractors and maintain compliance throughout facility development and operation. Our experts also provided specialized documentation, inspection, and training to ensure successful commissioning, start-up, and long-term reliability. IEC’s field team was responsible for achieving Mechanical Completion on schedule and with no claims. The project was successfully installed, completed, and providing power in 2003. The client was extremely pleased with our responsiveness and quality of performance and contracted with IEC to completely manage their next power project.