SCLA Substation Expansion

CLIENT: Victorville Municipal Utilities Services


Victorville Municipal Utility Services (VMUS) was pleased with IEC’s responsiveness and design capabilities for many years. When they needed to expand their existing Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA) substation they hired IEC to prepare the design. The SCLA substation expansion consisted of adding three new 34.5kV to 12.47kV distribution feeders utilizing 10MVA transformers. Other major equipment included reclosers, disconnects, pad mounted switches, capacitor banks, power quality metering, SCADA, yard lighting, and perimeter fencing. IEC prepared a design criteria document that outlined the design scope of work. It lists the codes and standards to be used during design and construction and incorporated VMUS’ operational requirements. Clear communication and documentation of the project design criteria helped VMUS make key design decisions along the way to prevent design rework.

The solicitation design package included design for civil/structural elements, physical layout, transformer oil containment, overhead pole equipment, electrical interconnection and raceways, relay programming, and a detailed bill of materials.

IEC worked closely with VMUS to review equipment manufacturers’ submittals for compliance with the overall substation design. Support for the construction phase of the project included quick responses to contractors RFIs and periodic site visits. The accelerated project schedule and firm budget was met with IEC’s responsiveness and proactive communication identified potential areas of cost increase and allowed IEC to propose design solutions to meet the budget.