Engineering and Specifications for SMUD UARP Governor Refurbishment Project

CLIENT: Sacramento Municipal Utility District

SMUD initiated a refurbishment project to upgrade governors and turbine shut-off valve (TSV) controls for 10 hydro units at seven (7) sites in SMUD’s Upper American River Project (UARP). The seven powerhouses are Loon Lake (82 MW Pelton), Robbs Peak (29 MW Francis), Jones Fork (11.5 MW Francis), Union Valley (46.7 MW Francis), Jaybird (two 72 MW Pelton), Camino (two 75 MW Francis), White Rock (two 112 MW Francis). Existing unit governors were not at all uniform and included a wide range of equipment vendors and vintages. On sites with older equipment, reliability and availability of spare parts was of concern and maintenance was difficult due to the wide variety of installed equipment and due to minimal remote condition and fault monitoring. IEC's project team provided engineering services for preparation of scope and specification documents to allow SMUD to solicit bids for a single turnkey project including engineering, design, construction, and installation work for the replacement of 10 UARP hydro governors and TSV control systems.