UARP Governor and TSV Controls Upgrade

CLIENT: Sacramento Municipal Utility District

IEC provided extensive drafting support for the UARP Governor and TSV Controls Upgrade Project at SMUD’s Loon Lake Unit. The task was to provide drafting support to prepare Design Change Notice (DCN) packages to support the installation of governor and TSV control systems upgrades at SMUD’s Loon Lake (1 unit) and White Rock (2 units) powerhouses. IEC generated three (3) DCN packages. In addition, the White Rock packages (2) included internal wiring diagrams for two (2) existing PLC panels and one (1) existing speed switch panel for each DCN package. IEC checked each drawing to ensure that the current border was installed on the drawings and edited border attributes to include the current revision number, Design Change Notice (DCN) number, drafter, and engineer initials. IEC also replaced any raster borders with the latest SMUD vector border and edited as requested. For the Loon Lake Unit (DCN H-1273), IEC checked 276 drawings and was able to provide quick turnaround for the drawing package.