Technical Support Services Contracts for SMUD AR&DGT Department


These various contracts with the SMUD AR&DGT Department consist of multidisciplinary technical support services for all of SMUD’s renewable and distributed generation projects on an as-needed basis. Work Authorizations included:

Advanced Renewables, Distributed Generation and Greenhouse Gas

- Identify Eligible Renewables from LFG

- GHG Emissions Accounting & Reporting Process Documentation

- Implement GHG Tracking & Reporting Software

- Develop CCAR Certifiable GHG Accounting for SMUD Business & Maintenance Facilities

- Climate Change Issue Risk Assessment

- Minor Support for CalEPA

- CHP Program Technical Assistance

- Prepare RFO for Renewable Energy Projects

- Railyards Integrated Energy Plan Feasibility Study

- Climate Change Issue Risk Assessment

- CHP Economic Feasibility Studies

- Landfill Gas to Electricity Ownership Options Study

- 2006 Renewables RFO Results Analyses

- Fredonyer Wind Data Reports

- Railyards Addition of County Loads Option

Distributed Generation and Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power

- Railyards Addition of County Loads Option (con’t.)

- Railyards Cooling Only Option

- Kaiser Folsom CCHP Feasibility Study

- Railyards Value Engineering Study

- Holiday Inn Characterization Study

- CCHP Programmatic Support

- Folsom Prison Fuel Cell CHP Feasibility Study

- Railyards Feasibility Study Support

- Airport Due Diligence Additional Scope

- Sutter Elk Grove Cogeneration Study

- Railyards Feasibility Study Support and Update

- Railyards Ice Thermal Energy Storage

- Kaister Permanente Sacramento Medical Center CHP Feasibility Study

- Folsom Prison Cogeneration Study Tariff Update & Sensitivity Study

Renewable Portfolio Standard & Electrical Transmission

- Analysis of RFO Proposals

- Susanville Met Towers

- Fredonyer Wind 3&4 Q07

- Evaluate RFO Proposals

- Repair of Fredonyer Met Towers

- Local Renewable Generation Assessment

- Evaluation of 2008 Renewables RFO

- Thermal & Hydro Benchmarking Services

- Food Waste & Liquid Food Processing Waste Survey

- Feasibility Study of the Use of Additives to Enhance Biogas Production

- CCHP Market Assessment for Biogas Plants

- Food Waste Pre-Processing for Co-Digestion Demonstration

- CSI Proposal Development Support

- Commissioning PV/Battery Telecom System

- Lassen & Abert Rim Wind Data Monitoring and Quarterly Reports


- POTW Grease Waste Feasibility Study

- Assist with Due Diligence on Conversion Technologies

- Preliminary Assessment of Co-Digestion WDRs and Impact on Digesters


- General PV Consulting

- Solarsmart Training

- ZEH Distribution

- Advanced PV Training Course

- Conduct PV System Workshop

- PV Inverter Circuit Board Repairs and Training

- CEC ReGen Report

- AstroPower Report

- CEC ReGen Final Report

- Editing Subcontractors Drafts

- Finalizing Evaluation of PV Proposals in 2008

- Commissioning PV/Battery Powered Telecom System

- Highway 50 Photovoltaic Study, Rendering, and Reports