Solano Wind Project - Phase 2

CLIENT: Sacramento Municipal Utility District

To continue the track record of success for the Solano Wind Project, SMUD retained IEC to support the District in developing the Phase 2 expansion to the Solano Wind Project, which utilized larger wind turbines to generate an additional 85 MW. IEC also designed the 100 MVA expansion to the existing Russell Substation to accommodate the additional Phase 2 load provided support for the construction of a new O&M Building and the installation of a new 21kV Connector Line.

IEC prepared the project technical specifications, managed the submittal process, reviewed technical submittals, provided project engineering and document control, and supplied on-site field engineering and construction management staff. Due to the criticality of unique startup requirements of the project, IEC provided startup coordination to assist the various contractors and SMUD to efficiently work together and avoid needless delays.

Because of IEC’s knowledge of the SMUD organization, IEC was able to directly arrange for the scheduling and support of SMUD electrical crews, SPAC personnel, Power System Operators (PSO), power contracts personnel and facilities support. IEC’s project support allowed Phase 2 of this project to be completed with minimal staff and was completed with no change orders and several months ahead of schedule.