Solano Wind Project - Phase 1

CLIENT: Sacramento Municipal Utility District

In supporting Phase 1 of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s (SMUD) Solano Wind Project, IEC designed access roads, electrical layout, and developed environmental mitigation measures.

IEC also was responsible for all project permitting through the County offices. This project involved installing 15 Vestas V-47 wind turbine-generators (WTGs) at the Project site.

As the Project developed, IEC was asked to provide additional project engineering and project management support to SMUD.  Based on IEC’s responsiveness during the first phase, SMUD requested that IEC personnel take the role of managing the ongoing Operations & Maintenance of the Project.

Due to the success of Phase 1, SMUD retained IEC to completely design and manage the construction of a 5MW addition to the project designated Phase 1A. Phase 1A was a fast track project with SMUD acting as the General Contractor with IEC’s direction. As part of the design for this phase, IEC redesigned the fiber system for the Phase 1 turbines (originally designed by others) into a self healing ring to significantly improve the data collection reliability of the project. The project was completed under budget, ahead of schedule, and remains one of SMUD’s most successful projects to date.