RPP2 Generator Protection Upgrade

CLIENT: Roseville Electric Utility

For the Roseville Power Plant 2 (RPP2) facility, Roseville Electric decided to restart a unit generator after five years of non-operation. Prior to startup, the generator protection relays were tested and failed. Roseville Electric called upon IEC to evaluate the issue and propose a solution as soon as possible to support the summer generation schedule. The unit generator package was unusual for this location as it was designed and assembled by an Italian packager and utilized generator protection relays made by a European manufacturer. IEC contacted the relay manufacturer and confirmed the failed relays were no longer supported requiring a complete upgrade. IEC evaluated available U.S. manufacturer generator protection relays and provided options and recommendations for the relay replacement. IEC performed the detailed interconnection design, panel layout drawings, specified equipment for procurement, performed relay protection element calculations and developed a relay logic and control scheme which seamlessly integrated into the Italian designed package. IEC was there to help troubleshoot the issue and recommend a fix to keep the start-up team on schedule. The fast track design, construction, startup & commissioning was completed in only a few months to meet the summer generation schedule.