Master Services Agreement Generation Engineering Support

CLIENT: Roseville Electric Utility


This ongoing Master Services contract with the Roseville Electric Utility consists of multidisciplinary (electrical, civil, structural, mechanical, instrumentation and control, telecommunication, fire protection, etc.) engineering services for the Roseville Energy Park and Roseville Power Plant 2 generation facilities on an as-needed basis. To ensure responsive and effective engineering services both for scheduled projects and those that were on emergency unplanned schedule, IEC has remained flexible by being able to provide qualified and experienced project managers, engineers and other technical support staff upon request to meet the City’s schedule and operation requirements. Our cooperative approach, dedications, knowledge and understanding of power plant operations are what clearly set IEC apart from other prime contractors and competitors.

Work Authorizations included 20-plus tasks:

Civil and Structural Improvements

• Professional Drafting Services

• Steam Turbine Enclosure Structural Engineering

• Boiler Feedwater Pipeline Engineering

• RPP2 General Electrical Engineering Support

• REP Protection Engineering Support

• General Electrical Engineering Support

• Trunnion Design and Structural Engineering Support

• RPP2 Generator Protection Upgrade

• Detailed Engineering Cost Estimates

• Construction Administration and Support

• RPP2 Generator Protection Upgrade Field Engineering and Construction Support

• REP AGC Control Improvement Project

• REP Electric Boiler Preliminary Engineering Feasibility Study

• REP Emerson Remote I/O Control Relay Failure Investigation

• RPP2 Fire Protection Specification Development

• RPP2 Fire Protection Construction, Startup and Commissioning Support

• REP and RPP2 Security Evaluation

• Asset Retirement Cost Estimate

• Inlet Chiller Evaluation

• REP and RPP2 Sill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plant Development

• REP AGC Control Phase 2 Improvement Project

• RPP2 Exhaust Liner Retrofit Design Engineering and Construction Support

• REP AVR/PSS Upgrade Engineering Support

• REP Steam Turbine Blanket Electrical Design and Support