PIER Final Report Completion, Editing, and Source Identification

CLIENT: Sacramento Municipal Utility District & California Energy Commission

Report Completion for Contractor

SMUD had contracted with AstoPower to complete a photovoltaic study and final report under its Renewable Generation Research, Development & Demonstration (ReGen) Program. AstroPower went bankrupt and was bought out by GE before the report could be completed. The company had sent multiple deliverables to SMUD, but provided no final report. SMUD tasked IEC with completing the report, which described the work AstroPower did prior to bankruptcy. Several IEC team members wrote this report as a stand-in for AstroPower using only the deliverables and online information to piece together a report that could carry the reader through AstroPower’s task work and results.

Report Editing

SMUD contracted with IEC to provide review and editing of the 24 final project reports submitted as part of its Renewable Generation Research, Development & Demonstration (ReGen) Program under the California Energy Commission’s Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program. IEC reformatted and edited all of the reports to conform to the PIER Program requirements. Per the PIER Style Manual, reports submitted to the California Energy Commission must follow very specific guidelines in terms of content, format, citations, punctuation, overall style, publication, and submission to meet the Energy Commission’s requirements for technical reports. The Energy Commission was particularly impressed with IEC’s ability to revise these reports to properly adhere to the style manual.

Source Identification

Because of IEC’s “exceptional” work in meeting the PIER Style Manual standards, the Energy Commission tasked IEC with identifying sources for figures and tables submitted in reports for the SMUD Renewable Generation Research, Development & Demonstration (ReGen) Program. The IEC team documented a presumed source for each figure and table and then worked with the various ReGen subcontractors to identify any remaining sources and verify any questionable tables or figures.