Performance Engineering Services

CLIENT: Calpine Corporation

LOCATION: Sacramento, CA

During the development stages of Calpine power projects, IEC provided professional performance engineering services for eight (8) power projects throughout the nation. These projects included the Sutter Project, Delta Energy Center Project, LMEC Project, West Phoenix Project, Vero Beach Project, Westbrook Project, Ontelaunee Project, and the Osprey Project. The purpose of our support was to develop the best confi guration for each site to maximize performance and meet the operational requirements. This involved running a series of sensitivity cases using GE Frame units and Westinghouse 501FD units in many confi gurations ranging from one gas turbine and one steam turbine (1X1) to four gas turbines and two steam turbines (4X2). Calpine used the information provided by IEC to help negotiate performance guarantees for each power plant.