Macho Springs Solar Project Substation Engineering Design

CLIENT: Element Power

After successfully completing the substation design for the Macho Springs Wind Project, IEC Corporation was contracted to provide complete substation engineering design services for the Macho Springs Solar Project Substation (MSSS). Design services include the electrical design of the 34.5 kV/345 kV collection substation, and the physical layout modification of the 345 kV interconnection switchyard. Element Power is intending to interconnect with the MSSS using a fourth 345 kV bay. The provision for this fourth bay was designed into the original MSSS layout, but an additional 345 kV breaker and switch will need to be installed to complete the bay partitioning. Based on this interconnection concept, IEC is preparing a detailed single line of the interconnection and substation showing all switching and protection schemes. IEC is also preparing a complete dimensioned site layout of the project. As part of this scope, IEC is developing detailed equipment purchase specifications and is contacting acceptable equipment vendors, soliciting bids for each equipment item, and preparing engineer’s comparison of the bids for use in issuing purchase orders for the equipment. IEC will then complete the detailed design of the Macho Spring Solar Project substation and interconnection. The IEC design team will perform the required site grading, foundation, electrical, and preliminary structural design required for a complete design in accordance with the concept one line diagram.