Landfill Gas Feasibility & Routing Study

CLIENT: Sacramento Municipal Utility District

IEC conducted a feasibility study for SMUD regarding the utilization of landfill gas at the Cosumnes Power Plant (CPP) for SMUD. The goal of the study was to provide preliminary “Ball Park” estimates of the cost to clean and transport the landfill gas from Kiefer Landfill to make it into suitable fuel for the natural gas turbines at CPP. Since CPP operates at an average heat rate of 6,900 Btu/KWh (HHV), moving the landfill gas from Kiefer to CPP could potentially be a more efficient way to use the renewable energy created by the landfill collection process while also increasing the District’s renewable energy portfolio.

To complete this study, IEC evaluated landfill gas (LFG) clean-up technologies assuming typical landfill gas constituents and chemistry, which were determined using the EPA’s Landfill Gas Emissions Model (LandGEM) for the Kiefer Landfill site. Using this information, IEC contacted several equipment vendors that specialize in LFG cleaning systems to obtain separate budgetary cost estimates for equipment that meets PG&E Gas Rule 21 quality standards and GE 7FA Fuel Specifications.

In addition to the cost for the clean-up equipment, IEC identified likely pipeline routes to deliver the LFG from 1) the Kiefer Landfill site to CPP and 2) the Kiefer Landfill site to the closest interconnection point on the SMUD gas pipeline to determine the most cost effective route. The results of the analysis provided project estimates in terms of Capital Cost, Operations & Maintenance Cost, and Emissions Reductions.