Jaybird Hydro Station Service Split Bus Design

CLIENT: Sacramento Municipal Utility District

The IEC team is providing electrical engineering and design services to create a drawing design package for modifying the existing station service scheme to hot transfer split bus at Jaybird hydro powerhouse. Two new SEL-751A relays will be installed for sync check, time delay, trip coil monitoring, logic and control functions, and lockout of 52-3 breaker. The relay fail and trip coil fail alarms will be sent to the annunciator. The new Station Service split bus configuration will facilitate the independent unit operation and will not affect the operation of other units if one unit, and/or its associated station service, trips. This improvement aligns with recommendations from a 2011 study and is consistent with the latest dual unit station service design standards and fault/trouble condition. The split bus scheme has been incorporated at the Camino Hydro Powerhouse.