Jaybird 230kV Breakers Alarms Upgrade

CLIENT: Sacramento Municipal Utility District

The current 230kV breaker alarms at Jaybird Switchyard are grouped in two consolidated alarms and brought into the powerhouse annunciator. If a breaker is alarmed, a technician will not be able to identify the exact problem of the fault condition. The technician has to isolate each alarm inputs and test individually to troubleshoot the source of problem. These individual alarms indication need to be brought into the control room to troubleshoot fault/trouble condition. The contractor shall provide electrical engineering and design services to create a drawing design package to bring in individual alarms from the breaker cabinet to the powerhouse control room for ease of troubleshooting. New RTU points will be created for the SEL-2411 and SEL RTAC relays status, and Automated digital inputs for the individual breakers alarms.