Cosumnes Power Plant Project for SMUD Generation Operations Department


This contract with the SMUD Generation Operations Department was awarded to IEC to provide multidisciplinary engineering support. The work began as a small contract and quickly expanded into a multiple-year commitment for project coordination, owner’s engineering, Chief Building Official services, and construction management services.. Work Authorizations: Work Authorizations, in order of assignment, included 30-plus tasks:

- Cosumnes Licensing and Engineering

- SCA Peaker Project I&C Work

- Engineering Design to Modify Morrison Creek Cross-Tie Station

- Construction Services RFQ Development

- Cultural Resource Remote Sensing Geophysical Survey

- CBO Review Support

- Document Control

- Assistance with Permit Drawings

- Fire Protection Engineering

- Design and Drafting for Pipeline Extension

- CEC Compliance and CBO Document Control Support

- Gas Pipeline Inspection

- Quality Assurance Support

- Construction Engineering Services

- Licensing and Compliance Project Management

- Team Development & Right-of-Way Verification

- Team Development & Safety Program

- Worker Environmental Awareness Training Video Production

- Special Inspection, Testing, and Laboratory Services

- Development of Gas Pipeline Pigging RFP

- Surveying Services and Development of Base Map

- Development of Environmental Drawings

- Gas Pipeline Resident Engineer

- Inspector Training

- Construction Superintendent (Chief Inspector)

- Pre-Construction Surveying Support

- Gas Pipeline Inspection

- Contract Administration Support Services

- Field Electrical Engineer

- CBO Review Support Services

- Gas Pipeline Submittal Verification Coordinator

- Water Supply Integrity Evaluation

- Piping & Support Design Analysis