Cosumnes Power Plant

CPP Work Authorizations: Work Authorizations, in order of assignment, included 30-plus tasks:

  • Cosumnes Licensing and Engineering
  • Special Inspection, Testing, and Laboratory Services
  • Construction Services RFQ Development
  • Development of Gas Pipeline Pigging RFP
  • Engineering Design to Modify Morrison Creek Cross-Tie Station
  • Surveying Services and Development of Base Map
  • Cultural Resource Remote Sensing Geophysical Survey
  • Development of Environmental Drawings
  • CBO Review Support
  • Gas Pipeline Resident Engineer
  • Document Control
  • Inspector Training
  • Assistance with Permit Drawings
  • Construction Superintendent (Chief Inspector)
  • Fire Protection Engineering
  • Pre-Construction Surveying Support
  • Design and Drafting for Pipeline Extension
  • Gas Pipeline Inspection
  • CEC Compliance and CBO Document Control Support
  • Contract Administration Support Services
  • Gas Pipeline Inspection
  • Field Electrical Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Support
  • CBO Review Support Services
  • Construction Engineering Services
  • Gas Pipeline Submittal Verification Coordinator
  • Licensing and Compliance Project Management
  • Water Supply Integrity Evaluation
  • Team Development & Right-of-Way Verification
  • Piping & Support Design Analysis
  • Team Development & Safety Program
  • Worker Environmental Awareness Training Video Production


CLIENT: Sacramento Municipal Utility District

The Cosumnes Power Plant (CPP) is located on a 30-acre site a half-mile south  of the now closed Rancho Seco Plant in southeastern Sacramento County.The Project was slated to be completed in two phases of 500 megawatts each. SMUD brought Phase 1 online in 2006.

IEC provided a wide range of engineering services and project management tasks for the power plant and natural gas pipeline project. The work began as a small contract and quickly expanded into a multiple-year commitment for project management, owner’s engineering, Chief Building Official services, and construction management services. IEC provided the licensing project manager, environmental specialist, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, and a variety of subcontractor specialties, such as geotechnical services and pipeline inspection services. IEC also coordinated licensing, environmental documentation, mitigation planning, and the preliminary engineering layout for the plant, switchyard, and linear facilities.

IEC provided an electrical/controls field engineer to support construction and start-up activities for the plant. IEC’s field engineer reviewed designs, supervised electrical installation, managed electrical subcontractors, provided technical guidance, and coordinated work with other disciplines. Services also included working with the plant quality control team to ensure compliance with the latest electrical codes, specifications, permit conditions, and accepted practices. IEC’s field engineer supervised the installation of plant telecommunications equipment, including the interface with SBC and managed the installation and commissioning of SMUD’s Remote Terminal Unit, including loop check out and diagnostic review of communication links. IEC’s field engineer also assisted startup lead contractor with commissioning activities throughout the facility as electrical systems were brought on line.

IEC managed subcontractors, provided technical guidance and leadership to craft labor, managed project priorities and schedule, and coordinated work with other disciplines. Our personnel worked with the CPP quality control team to ensure compliance with the latest codes, specifications, permit conditions, and accepted practices. IEC personnel also assisted the startup lead contractor with commissioning activities throughout the facility as systems were brought online. IEC provided more than 50 people to support this contract, including in-house staff, contract employees, and subcontractors. Contract dates were from June 2004 to June 2008 and included $5 million in engineering and staff augmentation services. The numerous assigned tasks were a direct result of IEC’s commitment to providing the best people for the job, both IEC employees and specialty subcontractors alike.