George M. Sullivan Plant 2 Expansion Project

CLIENT: Anchorage Municipal Light & Power

IEC is providing Owner's Engineering and Project Management services to Anchorage Municipal Light & Power to support the development of a 120 MW, 2x1 combined cycle power project that is designed to be the new primary base load facility for the utility. The new power plant will be about 25 percent to 30 percent more efficient with a combined-cycle design that combines gas-fired turbines with sufficient waste heat recovery to drive an additional steam turbine.

The project will use of an innovative cooling system design coupled with the water district to capture more than 50% of the plant's annual waste energy to heat the community potable water supply for the City of Anchorage. Additional waste heat will be used for a mass snow melt system on site. The cold, upstream City water will be used to cool the turbine combustion air during warm summer days. The site makes use of a plume-abated cooling tower and a full Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) substation and switchyard. The administration building will also serve as the utility's new power generation engineering offices and will house a backup dispatch center for emergency situations. In addition to managing the project, IEC's responsibilities include design review, construction management, and special inspection services for the project. IEC has also developed the design documents for a site preparation contract and analyzed the potential for teaming with the local water district to make use of waste heat.