Auburn Casino Cost Study

CLIENT: PowerCET Corporation

IEC was contracted by PowerCET Corporation to develop a cost study to support the development of the Auburn Casino in Placer County. IEC engineers developed the equipment cost study to include a detailed line item spreadsheet outlining budgetary capital, O&M costs, present worth analysis, and payback periods for primary power generating equipment capable of producing 5 MW as well as back-up generation. IEC evaluated four options in simple cycle and cogeneration confi guration for primary power: gas turbine using natural gas, small reciprocating generators using natural gas, large reciprocating generators using natural gas, and peak shaving using microturbines and PG&E. IEC also compared these four options with the traditional PG&E utility service options available to PG&E customers and evaluated two rate structures (primary and transmission). In addition to the primary electrical power supply, IEC evaluated back-up power generation options.