Assessment & Analysis of Local Renewable Generation

CLIENT: Sacramento Municipal Utility District

SMUD assigned IEC Corporation to identify and quantify the least cost renewable generation options for SMUD to pursue or encourage locally. The study began with identification, collection, and review of publicly available data and reports regarding the renewable resources within and near SMUD territory. Once the renewable resources were identified, IEC created “local” proxy projects which included the estimated cost of building, connecting and commissioning the projects and any potential barriers to the proposed projects. Similar “distant” proxy electricity generation projects were identified which included the cost of transmission to deliver distant energy to the load. A comparison of the local projects and the distant projects was conducted to identify which would be more cost effective. IEC delivered an executive-quality final report within a compressed timeframe to meet the District’s year-end contract deadline. The results of this study will assist SMUD in its decision-making process for allocation of funds and project solicitations for renewable generation projects during the next few years.