Professional Engineering Services Contract for SMUD Power Generation Department Feasibility Study


These multiple contracts with the SMUD Generation Operations Department consisted of multidisciplinary engineering support for all of SMUD’s generation projects on an as-needed basis. SMUD’s generation plants include gas-fired plants powered by a variety of turbines, wind plant facilities, hydroelectric facilities, and solar arrays. To ensure responsive engineering services, IEC stayed flexible by subcontracting work to specialty firms and being able to quickly hire qualified engineers and other technical support staff for projects that were not originally anticipated. This cooperative approach is what clearly set IEC apart from other prime contractors and competitors. Work Authorizations: Work Authorizations, in order of assignment, included:

- FERC/NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Assessment & Compliance

- Develop RFP for Meteorological Services for SMUD’s Weather Modification Program

- Civil/Structural CBO Support for the Cosumnes Power Plant

- Solano Wind Project Engineering Support

- Solano Wind O&M Engineering Support

- Solano Wind RTU DCN Engineering Support

- Technical Support for Camino Hydro Powerhouse Unit #2 Outage

- Review and Calibration of CHEOPs Model for Hydro Relicensing of Upper American River Project (UARP)

- Design Services for Procter & Gamble Gas Pipeline Station Improvement

- Technical Proposal Writing Support for CHP Solicitation

- McClellan SCR Replacement Project Engineering Services

- Russell Substation Final Design and Project Engineering

- Engineering and Drafting Services for Hydro RTU Replacement Project

- Camp Far West Hydro Controller Upgrade Engineering

- Solano Wind Project Engineering Support and RFP Development

- Economic Impact Analysis of UARP Iowa Hill Pumped Storage Development

- Solano Wind Project Land Bank Engineering Support

- Iowa Hill Pumped Storage Property Value Study

- UARP Noise Assessment

- Renewable Power Resources Preparation of Request for Information and Request for Proposals

- Engineering and Specifications for UARP Governor/TSV Controls Upgrade Project

- Gas Pipeline High Consequence Area Determination

- Solano Wind Project Cal ISO Participating Intermittent Resource Program (PIRP) Engineering Support

- Jaybird Hydro Adit Repair and Gerle Canal Liner Construction Management Inspection

- UARP Relicensing Economic Studies Review

- Jaybird Hydro Adit Repair Geological Consulting

- Green Waste to Energy Economic Feasibility Study

- Combined Heat and Power Opportunities Assessment

- Solano Wind Project Engineering Support

- White Rock Hydro Unit #2 Inspection

- Solano Wind Project Construction Management Support

- Jaybird Canyon Hydro Powerhouse Rock Fall Inspection and Recommendations

- Review of Solar Thermal Power Purchase Agreement Proposals

- Gas Pipeline Integrity Management Review and Engineering Procedures Development

- PV Pioneer 1 Construction Management and Permitting Support

- FERC UARP Flood Study Scope Development

- Natural Gas Pipeline Vendor List Development and Pre-qualification

- Gas Pipeline Internal Line Inspection RFP Development

- Winters Inter-tie Station Improvement, Project Controls, and Coordination

- Jaybird Hydro Penstock Rock Fall Inspection and Recommendations

- Camp Far West Diversion Dam Level Sensing PLC Program Support

- UARP and Valley RTU Retrofits

- Civil/Structural Support for SMUD/El Dorado Irrigation District Bridge Proposal

- Controls Support for McClellan Turbine Controls Upgrade RFP

- Solano Wind Project Sale/Tax Benefit Monetization Technical Support

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